Monday, 15 July 2013


Recordings for CDooTHREE are complete. Velvet Whip's 'Warm & Tough' cassette is an ugly monster of perverse, manic, depraved hardcore punk confusion. Ready for order and distribution in the next few weeks. Preview a track here...

Final mixing is almost complete for Gutter God's 'Innersense' LP. Vinyl in a few months, maybe. Only gigger lined up is Drain Rave #2 on September 21st with Sunshine State darlings Sick People along with Internal Rot and Coffin Birth.

The inaugural Maggot Fest will be joining forces with Cool Death this year. We'll be curating a whole day of mayhem. Initial lineups and dates soon.

Dribble are writing for a seven inch. Lots of giggers lined up, check back here for flyers and info soon. We are available to play engagement parties, wake's, 40th's and nightclubs. 

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