Thursday, 5 September 2013


New in the distro. Remember when Richmond Virginia was THE place to find the best modern NO BULLSHIT USHC? Well, I'm pleased to report the great North/South divider city is back on track. This cassette rokks. Buy it HERE.
"Six tracks of pummeling hardcore punk from these Richmond, VA numbskulls. Brash and aggressive stuff in the vein of old classics like NOTA / POISON IDEA or maybe REPOS as a modern point of reference. Ugly, self-loathing vocals and a loud, punchy recording mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air make this thing really kick. In other words, hardcore punk devoid of gimmicks or generic trappings. CRETINS are one to watch out for, that’s for sure."
This wild one's happening in a few weeks time. If you need the location, email

Hydromedusa are coming over from Adelaide, Dribble's gunna play with 'em. Lots of new tracks, might do 'Ann' again if you're unlucky.
TWO Velvet Whip cassette launch shows have been locked in for Ocbtober, details very soon.

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