Thursday, 22 May 2014


Art, covers, and cool carpet courtesy of Z-Whip

Velvet Whip's freshest platter of volume is about to be served up and here's your entrĂ©e. Sonic warfare with a sprinkle of love. Bronze Medallion is a serious trip; it's a bit like listening to Siege's Drop Dead and Hawkwind's Space Ritual at the same time*. If that doesn't sound like the sort of thing you might be interested in then you might want to ask yourself why you're even here. But if you are a fan of fast violent noise and like a bit of space with your jam then this is for you. Recorded in a ballroom by Texas Tom. 200 cassettes coming real soon. Are you a bad enough dude to taste the Velvet Whip?

Stay tuned and watch the skies.

*Yes, I listened to both albums simultaneously.

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