Tuesday, 29 September 2015




Here's what people have had to say...

“Whether you like it or not, Australia has a new sound. The Classical Mishaps are the new sound… you will no longer associate the Australian sound with Birdman, Chisel or Midnight Oil. The Classical Mishaps are the bands that your grandchildren will hear on King Gee and Google Glass commercials alike. Tommy T is hated by the fashion mongoloids, the elitist underground hates Tommy T, Tommy T is hated by Dribble and regular dudes hate Tommy T. I hate Tommy T “
“For fans of Trey Parker, Geza X and Black Randy.”

“I listened to the record, and wondered what all the fuss was about ...  It was disappointing to say the least when I finally got my hands on a copy... I understand the fascination with the "classical pianist" on the keyboards, but to be honest, once again, it doesn't fit. I can't see this band being able to play many more shows without seeming like a one trick pony with few rides left.”

“The guitar addicted curly haired surfer brings to the table the sounds of reckless kamikaze hang tens and Australian sun SPF 30+ solos, while his attractive girlfriend caresses the ivory with a million cares in the world…”

“I hear absolutely no resemblance of classical musings in these works, it's almost blasphemous to consider it and label it with the word "classical", as I sit here with my Pinot looking at my collection of Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Brahms and the other greats, I dip my head in disappointment.”

“Tommy T? That guy sucks.”
“… Remarkable, they've come leaps and bounds from the very music scene they're born from. Here we have five remarkably vivacious individuals bringing their own flare to what appears to be a new craze of artistic, lunatic gen y-ers.”

“Their bass player seems like he’s been taking lessons…”

(Shout outs to the Perfect one, Dolph Ziggler)

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