Wednesday, 14 August 2013


  1. DRIBBLE are NOT playing the Gaso tomorrow night, the flyer was rubbish and we don't subscribe to poor visual aesthetic. We are still appearing at the Trades Hall in Carlton Saturday night for Constant Mongrel's 'Heavy Breathing' LP launch along with UV Race and Miss Destiny. Ten buxx, doors eight. Recording 3-4 hits for a 7" in the next month, out in Summer?
  2. Velvet Whip's 'Warm & Tough' CS is sold out from us. There'll be a grip to sell at abovementioned gig and that's it. Distro's currently holding; Helta Skelta in Perth, Distort (& Missing Link soon) in Melbourne, Repressed and Disinfect in Sydney, Eternal Soundcheck and Sick Rick in Brisbane. For the U$A, Feel It and Video Disease's copies have been mailed and should be available soon. Melbourne launch shows being organised for October. Cruise the Joy Ride.
  3. Maggot Fest is steaming along, more great bands being added next week. Looks like there'll also be a Sunday arvo North Melbourne Town Hall gig as well. We tried to get ROSE TATTOO but they have shown no interest, maybe next year.
  4. Gutter Gods 'Innersense' LP is still a ways away. Next gig is DrainRave#2 with Sick People, Sewercide and Dribble on September 21st.

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