Wednesday, 7 August 2013


The first release made by a band outside of the immediate Cool Death family and she's a hell burner, shining bright in the darkness... Six (6) tracks from the outside looking into the inside looking out. Self doubt, intelligence, paranoia, urban problems, claustrophobia, ugliness, animosity, and power. Velvet Whip execute with excellence. A real 2013 for 3013 time-capsule recording. A culmination of 30+ years of extreme and extremely amplified music channelling itself against that futile, foolish feeling that our life and experiences are constantly filtered through electronic signals, 0's and 1's. The sound of a computer chip being smoked through a bong. Die kruezin' or drop dead is the ultimatum here.  For best results: Kill the lights, turn her up loud as she goes and repeat as necessary (if you dare?) Save your souls with rock and roll. Proud as sin to have our name attached this piece of plastic.

First run of 150 black cassettes available for order now through Cool Death's cool electronic shop. As for peddling this smut; the usual suspects will have this new psychedelic product to push within Australia, and both Video Disease & Feel It Records have been COOL enuf to help us out with USA distribution again. (The yanks will have to keep their junk in their pants for another coupla weeks 'til they're available in the land of the brave or home of the free or whatever.)

'Joy Ride' from Warm & Tough

Shut up and listen.

Experience the experience in person upstairs at the Gasometer September 22nd 2013 with Sick People/Sewercide/Coffin Birth/Sick Machine.

***Review written with no knowledge of what the fuck the lyrics are***

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